It’s Monday and while much of the country gets to enjoy the rest of the Easter Holiday, yours truly has to work.

What better time then, to steer away from the usual blogs about politics and philosophy and talk about something dear to the soul: Music.

Lately I’ve been listening a lot to Nevada based hard-rock band Adelitas Way. Though they’ve been around since 2006, I wasn’t aware of them until this earlier year. However it’s fair to say that I’m hooked.

The story behind the band’s name is like something out of a thriller novel. Originally, the core members of what became Adelitas Way were in a band called DeJesus. After that band broke up some of the members embarked on a trip to Tijuana, Mexico. On the way, they were waylaid by a corrupt Mexican border guard who stole all their money and belongings. The band’s singer managed to stash some money in his sock before the official released them. More than a little shaken up by the experience, the bandmates found the nearest bar, an establishment called Adelitas Way. However the bar turned out to be a brothel. The band was struck by both the beauty of the women employed there and by the pervasive sadness of the women’s predicament. Lead singer Rick DeJesus later said that the experience taught him to be thankful for everything.

Many of their songs discuss the everyday conflict between the individual pursuing their dreams while simultaneously navigating the stresses of life caused by work, personal and professional relationships and responsibilities.

The following three tracks are my favourites out of what I think is a pretty kick-ass catalogue.

The first two tracks below are from the band’s 2014 album Stuck.

The first “Dog on a leash” is as lead singer Nick DeJesus explains about

“feeling like you need to ask permission to do what you want, like you’re under the mercy of someone else, whether it’s your boss or an overbearing girlfriend or boyfriend or whoever.”

Also below is the album’s title track “Stuck”, a more introspective piece about feeling trapped in the proverbial rut.

The third and final track hosted here today is the band’s latest single “Ready for War(Pray for peace)” from their forthcoming album Notorious scheduled for release in June 2017. Personally I find the track a great motivational song with its driving tempo and subject matter – that to mess me around is to invite an ass-whupping, metaphorical, verbal or otherwise.

If you like these tracks and would like to know more about the band you can check them out on Facebook, Spotify or at their website for tour dates and merchandise.

In the meantime, yours truly has to get back to the coal-face.

Happy Easter everyone!

Dog on a Leash


Ready for War(Pray for peace)


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